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DCC Centennial

Celebrating 100 Years, 1916-2016


The Centennial Committee is proud to introduce a new logo to our membership.



The new centennial logo is a reproduction of a Mercer Tile which has been a proud symbol throughout our community for over a century and produced at Mercer's historic Moravian Pottery and Tile Works right here in Doylestown.  The colors and script of the tile are consistent with those used in the production of original tiles dating back to 1916 and are believed to be “period correct".  As events begin for the celebration of our centennial year, let the new DCC logo be a constant reminder of the relationship between the Mercer legacy here in our community and the spirit and culture of Doylestown Country Club.

DCC is currently proposing a new Centennial Garden Plaza project to our membership. This garden will be constructed in the vicinity of our Founder's Room, which is the original clubhouse of DCC. It will provide members with the opportunity to commemorate a loved one, family, significant date, or event with an engraved paver. For more information regarding this project and for the paver order form - please click here.


A Very Special Brew For 2016!

In celebration of our Club’s 100th anniversary, we have partnered with the Doylestown Brewing Company to brew a very special beer in commemoration of DCC’s milestone.  This handcrafted beer is Belgian Single in style, is easy to drink yet has big flavors and aromas.
Esters of simple fruit along with spicy phenolics from the Belgian yeast provide an enticing aroma. The taste is dry, soft and slightly spicy.